It’s time for us to reveal what we’ve been up to in the last months: S.Cape Escape, an old-school graphic adventure made by fans for fans.

We’re planning to release a first demo in the near future, so stay tuned!

Meanwhile, we’ll be posting progress here on a regular basis.

Enjoy our teaser trailer and come back soon for details 🙂

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  1. Gunther

    Hi!, I am a writer for a gaming website .
    You could give me a little more information about your game ?

  2. andrea (Post author)

    Hi Gunther,
    of course! We’re basically developing a graphic adventure game inspired by the old LucasArts classics such as Monkey Island and Day of the Tentacle.
    It tells the story of a man stuck in jail who desperately wants to escape. The prison is located in the so called Security Cape, which is named after the well known difficulty to be abandoned by prisoners because of its geographic position and the top-security measures adopted there.
    It’s gonna be a comedy game with many crazy characters, lots of puzzles and we will try to make it hilarious, we hope you will have fun playing it as much as we’re enjoying developing it!
    Stay tuned for more info in the upcoming days 😉

    1. Gunther

      Thank you so much!. I ‘ll be waiting for more news 🙂

  3. Gunther

    Sorry, one more question. This will be a WEB graphic adventure ? or may be available for other platforms in the future?.

    Thank You!

    1. andrea (Post author)

      We’re planning to release it on as many platforms as possible: HTML5 and Android first, then PC and… we’ll see!
      Btw, we’d like to know which gaming site you write for, if you can reveal it.
      Thanks and catch you soon!

      1. Gunther

        Thanks again!.
        Website http://www.press-stars.com . The note is in spanish because the web is Argentina .

        (direct link: http://press-stars.com/teaser-trailer-e-informacion-de-s-cape-escape/)


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